Coldy Holder Products are Manufacturers of Australian Made Stubby Holders and other Neoprene Products.

Screen Printers and Dye Sublimation Specialists

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Welcome to Coldy Holder Products - your one stop go to place for all your promotional and beverage insulator needs and that of course includes stubby coolers and stubby holders.


Below are our range of promotional products  that we manufacture in house. Most of these products are made from Approximately 5.5mm Neoprene.

Bar Mats - Dye Sublimated 12a & 12b

Barmats large and small Item 12a and 12b

Item number: 12a -Small Mat 430mm x 240mm
Item number 12b - Large Mat 880mm x 240mm
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Mouse Mat 13

Mouse Mat Item 13

Item number: 13
245mm x 210mm x 5mm thick
Only available in 6 Colours,
Dye Sub available in any colour.

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Sports Visors 14

Sports visors Item 14

Item number: 14
Neoprene Slip on Visor
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Sports Bottle with Sleeve 15

Sports bottle with sleeve Item 15

Item number: 15
Seam sewn with mouza tape
Neoprene sleeve with sports bottle
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Sunglass Strap 16

Sunglass straps Item 16

Item number: 16
Made from 3mm thick neoprene.
390mm x 30mm x 3mm thick.

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Sunglass Case 17

Item number: 17
Neoprene case with dog clip.
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Pencil Case with Velcro 18

Pencil Case with Velcro Item 18 a and b

Item number: 18
Made from 3mm neoprene with velcro closure.
Small - 230mm / 110mm - Item number 18a
Large - 290mm / 110mm - Item number: 18b

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Pencil Case with Zip 19

Pencil Case with zip 19

Item number: 19
Made from 3mm neoprene with velcro closure.
Small - 230mm / 110mm - Item number 19a
Large - 290mm / 110mm - Item number: 19b

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Square Coasters 20a

Square drink coasters

Item number: 20a
Square drink coaster.
95mm x 95mm with rounded corners.

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Mug Mats 20b

Item number: 20b
Egg shaped coasters.
Black, Navy, Royal, Red, Bottle and White

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Keyring Wallet 21a &21b

Keyring wallet

Item number:21a
Keyring wallet with velcro with velcro attach.
Item number 21b
Floating Keyring Wallet

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Golf Ball Holder 22

Golfball holder Item 22

Item number: 22
Golfball holder with dog clip and holds 3 balls.
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Sports Bag 23

Sports Bag Item 23

Item number: 23
With velcro closure and strap perfect for golf shoes, beach towels etc.
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Goggle Mask Strap 25

Goggle mask Strap Item 25

Item number: 25
Fits on the strap and so your hair wont tangle - ouch!.
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